The Electric Biker

The Electric Biker is your local Western Australian company that specialises in the conversion of bicycles to electric bikes and the supply of electric conversion kits for self-installation.

The business has 3 primary offerings

  • The conversion of your existing bike to an Electric Bike
  • The supply and conversion of a new Bike to Electric.
  • The supply of a conversion kit to allow you to convert your own Bike.

Electric Biker has completed extensive research and testing of the different products available in the market and as a result of this research have chosen a suite of products to bring to the market

While Electric Biker is a small local company, it is aligned to high quality global manufacturers with many years’ experience servicing the European and North American electric bike markets

The benefit to you of this alliance is local service combined with the knowledge that all our conversion kits are backed by global suppliers with extensive experience in the market and the ability to provide first class backup and support. Locally we carry an extensive range of parts and accessories

Features of the Electric Biker kits

  • Multi levels of automatic Pedal assist. You choose how hard you want to pedal. Bike will not take off until you commence to pedal and motor will cut out when you stop pedaling or apply brakes
  • Non-electric mode, you just ride normally with no extra resistance
  • Class leading power and performance for climbing hills and into nasty headwinds
  • 2 year warranty on all parts, battery and motor
  • Samsung Battery’s, 36V Lithium-ion 10.4Ah and 11.6Ah removable batteries. 60kms range
  • UPDATED 250W Electric Motor which complies with EN 15194:2009 standards. Legal road use. No license required
  • Waterproof (IP65) and straightforward integrated wiring system for hassle free, durable reliability
  • In line brake-cut offs allow you to keep existing brake levers. Ride safely with instant motor-cut out on braking
  • Choice of LCD/LED displays. Can show speed, battery life, power level, trip and odometer. As much detail as you require meeting newest standards for safety
  • 6kmh pedestrian speed button