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Battery Management System

The batteries all have a Battery Management System (BMS) onboard, which balances the charge between the cells, and prevents over-charging and excessive discharge. All the same, don’t leave the battery on charge for days, and don’t run the battery once it has cut out due to being considered too close to flat. Develop a sense of how long your battery lasts per charge, and then make sure you never go that far between charges.

With the higher quality Samsung cells, you won’t notice any less power at varying stages of battery discharge ("sag"). When the battery is almost flat, the BMS will kick in and shut your battery down, to protect it. At this point, do not try to get any more use out of the battery until you have FULLY charged it again

Battery Care

The better you look after your battery, the longer it will last – it’s as simple as that!

There are a few Golden Rules which its helpful to remember:

  • Always turn the battery/motor off when you are not using it (like locking your car when you get out)
  • Charge up your battery as often as possible
  • Don’t charge and discharge at the same time (ensure the battery is disconnected when charging)
  • Avoid running the battery completely empty
  • Keep the battery out of the heat (put it in the fridge if you want)
  • Recharge at least every 2 months, even if not in use

Working out Range

In addition to capacity of your battery, the distance you will can travel will depend on

  • how much/hard you are pedaling
  • how hilly the terrain is
  • how many stop/starts you are doing
  • the weight of you & the bike
  • the pressure in your tires
  • the age of the battery, and
  • the temperature of the battery

The mathematical equation for the for how much power a battery has is

Volts X Amp Hours = Watt Hours

So, a 36v 10ah battery should give 360 watt hours, and if you are riding at 200watts (motor maximum capacity is 250W), this will last for under 2 hours. There will also be some residual power that the Battery Management System will retain to prevent damage to the batteries. To ride on battery power alone would provide 1.5 hours of riding. If you are using the Pedal assist system and providing an equal amount of power as the motor through pedaling (This is easily achieved), we can double the time to 3 hours per charge. At an average speed of 20km per hour this provides a distance of 60kms.

Hills, wind and frequent stopping and starting will influence the distance you can travel per charge