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Features of Electric Biker kits

  • Maintain higher average speeds with little effort
  • Arrive at you destination fresh
  • Class leading power and performance for climbing hills and into nasty headwinds
  • 1 year warranty on all parts, battery and motor
  • UPDATED 36V Lithium-ion 10.4Ah and 11.6Ah removable batteries
  • UPDATED 250W Electric Motor which complies with EN 15194:2009 standards. Legal road use. No license required
  • UPDATED High Quality Electric Bike Power Charger with 3-4hrs recharge
  • UPDATED Waterproof (IP65) and straightforward integrated wiring system for hassle free, durable reliability
  • UPDATED Samsung Battery’s for greater reliability and range than ever before
  • UPDATED In line brake-cut offs allow you to keep existing brake levers. Ride safely with instant motor-cut out on braking
  • Multi levels of automatic Pedal assist. You choose how hard you want to pedal
  • Bike will not take off until you commence to pedal and motor will cut out when you stop pedaling or apply brakes
  • Choice of LCD/LED displays. Can show speed, battery life, power level, trip and odometer. As much detail as you require meeting newest standards for safety
  • 6kmh pedestrian speed button
  • Non-electric mode, you just ride normally with no extra resistance

Bikes Before and After Convertion