Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need a license or bicycle registration to ride these Electric Bicycles?

    No you don’t need a license or any registration, as our electric kits are regarded as street legal power assisted bicycles in Australian States and territories. All our electric bicycles are street legal and can be ridden anywhere a regular bicycle can be ridden. Under current Australian Road Laws these electric bicycles are considered to be ‘normal’ pedal bicycles. The same road rules apply as regular bicycles

  • How much power can I expect?

    The Australian legal limit for riding electric bikes on roads is set at 200/250watts and limited to 25km/h. This is considered as the same power that the average cyclist will generate during normal cycling. You will still need to pedal up hills however it will be significantly easier to maintain a higher average speed

  • Is an electric bike easy to ride?

    Yes, an electric bike is probably easier to ride than a normal bike. It will start when you start pedaling and stop when you stop pedaling. If you apply the brakes the power will stop immediately. The bike is the same as a non-electric bike with the same gears, brakes, pedals, wheels and frame as a regular bike. It just wants to help you along and make your life easier and more fun

  • How far can I go?

    The distance you can travel on a charge depends on:

    • The Battery
    • The amount of pedal assistance you provide
    • The hills you encounter
    • The number of stops and starts
    • The wind

    Most riders will be able to travel at least 30 kilometers with full power assistance, and you may achieve up to 90+ kilometers by providing some pedal assistance. The more you put in the further you go

  • Recharging the electric bike battery?
    • Plug the battery into the battery charger as you would your mobile phone
    • The re-charge time is about 5-6 hrs if the battery is totally flat and 2-3 hrs if the battery is half flat
    • Re-charge the battery after each ride or when ‘battery status indicator’ shows ‘half flat’ or less
    • Recharging more often is better than less often
    • The battery is key locked to the bike and is removable or can be left on the bike to be recharged
    • The battery charger fits into a normal power outlet and is Australian Approved’ 240 volt.
    • The smart battery charger will not allow the battery to be overcharged, so the battery can be left on overnight
    • The battery does not recharge during riding and is recharged by connecting to the battery charger
  • How many re-charges will the batteries sustain?

    Testing has indicated that batteries will take Up To 600 re-charges from flat. There are many variables to be considered including not letting the battery get completely flat that will affect longevity of battery life

  • How fast does the electric motor go?

    The Australian rules have a maximum speed from the electric motor alone of 25km/hr. By combining your pedal input there is no restriction to your maximum speed as per an unpowered bike

  • Are electric bikes noisy?

    There is a slight hum at low speed as the motor is working hard to assist you. As your speed increases there is little or no noise.

  • There are a lot of hills and wind where I ride?

    The biggest advantage of an electric bike is the ability to maintain a high average speed up hills and into the wind. This is where you will notice the biggest difference with your electric bike experience

  • I’m coming back from an injury, or I’m not quite as young and mobile as I once was.

    Electric bikes are perfect for athletes returning from injury and wanting to ease back into cycling. Equally older people with mobility iissues will benefit greatly from the assistance provided from the electric bike motor.

    You can control the amount power assistance you receive and when you want to use it

  • Can an electric bike can be ridden normally?

    You can choose the amount of battery power or pedal power or combination of both you use at any time. It is entirely up to you how much assistance you add. The bike will free wheel as per a normal bike with or without power on

    If you can ride a normal bike then you can definitely ride an electric bike.

  • How safe are electric bikes?

    Electric bikes are as safe to ride as regular bikes. The electric motor assistance will be cut when any one or more of the following occur:

    • You apply the brakes
    • You release the hand throttle
    • You stop pedaling

    Electric Biker bikes conform to the relevant Australian Standards and regulations

  • Should I get a front wheel or rear wheel kit?

    We recommend installing the motor on the front wheel, as this tends to balance out the any extra weight on the bike. With the motor installed at the front and the battery either in the water bottle holder or on the back of the bike the load is more evenly distributed across the bike. It is also easier to install the motor on the front and this allows the retaining of the existing gears on the bike. However we can supply and install mid and rear wheel kits

  • Are there bikes that your kits will not fit?

    We can convert most bikes with 20" - 29" wheels to electric bikes.

    Some of the common issues are listed

    • Drop handlebars are better suited to the pedelec system as controls are difficult to fit.
    • Carbon-fibre forks are not advised. This may change as more information becomes available on Carbon fibre. Steel or alloy forks are currently considered the best option
    • Suspension forks are ok
    • BMX bikes or scooters with a 110mm rear hub spacing will only work with a front wheel conversion
    • If you are mounting on the rear wheel, you will be limited to 8 gear cluster and you may need to replace your gear cluster to suit the motor (screw-type or spline type
    • If you have internal gears or coaster/hub brakes on the rear, then you can't fit a rear motor
  • What Warranty do I have?

    All products sold by “Electric Biker” are sold with a full 2year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • What about spare parts?

    A full range of spare parts and accessories are carried by Electric Biker

  • What maintenance is involved?

    There is no additional maintenance of the bicycle due to the electrical components, apart from re-charging battery. Mechanical bicycle components will require their normal ‘bicycle’ maintenance

  • Will I enjoy riding an Electric Bicycle?

    You will be amazed by the amount of power supplied by these top of the range kits. You will love the effortless and powerful propulsion taking you at speeds and distances you did not think possible